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Boyd Project Controls employs rigorous analysis of cost forces to help you achieve your design and construction goals. Fostering awareness of both opportunities and risks, we believe in delivering value, providing the information you need to make informed decisions, and helping you benefit from efficiencies and savings.


Our wide range of value-based services include:

Cost Consulting and Management


From planning and back-of-the-napkin sketches to complete contract documents and construction administration, we support you by optimizing costs and reducing risks. Our customized advice on procurement, bid management, and alternative design options will help you move forward with confidence and knowledge.


From investigating market conditions to obtaining vendor quotes, we examine every number, every cost, every record. Then, we help you control costs by testing budget assumptions, assisting in the creation of smart design, monitoring changes, and providing a final value analysis. All of this is designed to ensure that every one of your construction dollars is maximized.

Contract Review and Change Orders


With a deep dive into contracts, we can help protect your interests and ensure your project is set up for success. Providing tried-and-true expertise on projects of all sizes and in all regions, we can help you negotiate your contracts with clarity and review every word and detail. Constructability, cost/risk analysis, and logistics are our specialties. If the bidding process is not your favorite part of the project, we can handle the paperwork and analysis for you.


While change orders are often inevitable in construction projects, they should not derail your project or break the budget. We will help you ask the right questions and get the answers you need and deserve. Projects move more smoothly when you have expert contract and change order negotiation in your corner.

Owner's Representation Services


An extension of your team, we represent and protect your interests—and your interests only—throughout the lifespan of your construction project. Owners representation is all about management and coordination.


In essence, serving as your eyes and ears, owners representation services include analyzing constructability, representing you at meetings, monitoring budgets and timelines, helping with issue resolution and serving as a single point of contact for you. We advocate for you, no matter what the size or scope of your project.

Critical Path Method Scheduling


Your business will benefit from this simple but powerful scheduling tool that can help deliver your project on time and on budget. We can help facilitate a comprehensive project plan, organizing all of the relevant information for your project in one easy-to-follow chart.


We have used this method for years to help clients prevent backlog, realize efficiencies, and reduce project management difficulties. When time is money, critical path scheduling can help you avoid delays and attain greater value.

Expert Witness Testimony and
Legal Assistance


When an issue arises with a project, strong expert witness testimony can truly make or break your case. As experts in the construction consulting field, we can offer credible testimony and legal support to bolster your position.


Our legal assistance can also include detailed technical analysis of claim quantities. Recent efforts have included providing expert testimony materials for the World Trade Center insurance settlement and structural quantity surveys for a 57-story Manhattan office tower.


Long-term experience in construction management and administration has provided us with a thorough familiarity with design and construction contracts. We believe that all parties deserve a fair deal and that risk should be assigned to those with the power to mitigate it.

Engineering Design


If design recommendations are needed for a project, we can connect with your teams and our world-class subcontractors to provide engineering services and architectural and interior design. Our design services encompass user experience, compliance, aesthetics and functionality to ensure that each design is right for your project and needs. Design support that you can trust can be customized based on your project, timeline and budget.

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